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Publication Corporate life-cycle dynamics of cash holdings


Working Paper


University of Hamburg




Wolfgang Drobetz

Michael Halling

Henning Schröder

Research Area

Corporate Finance


Life-cycle, cash holdings, value of cash


This paper shows that the corporate life-cycle is an important dimension for the dynamics and valuation of cash holdings. Our results indicate that firms’ cash policies are markedly interacted with their strategy choices. While firms in early stages and post-maturity stages hold large amounts of cash, cash ratios decrease when firms move towards maturity. Much of this variation in cash holdings is attributable to a changing demand function for cash over the different life-cycle stages. Trade-off and pecking order motives are of different importance for cash policies dependent on a firm’s life-cycle stage. An additional dollar in cash is highly valuable for introduction and growth firms, while a dollar in cash adds, on average, less than a dollar in market value for firms in later life-cycle stages, most likely due to increasing agency problems. Most of the dynamics in cash holdings are observed at life-cycle transition points rather than during the different life-cycle stages. Finally, the secular trend in cash holdings seems strongly attributable to increases in cash in the introduction and the decline stage.


DGF 2015 (Leipzig), IFABS 2015 (Oxford), Paris Financial Management 2015


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