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Publication A bootstrap-based comparison of portfolio insurance strategies


Working Paper


University of Hamburg




Hubert Dichtl 
Wolfgang Drobetz 
Martin Wambach

Research Area

Asset Management


Portfolio insurance


This study presents a systematic comparison of portfolio insurance strategies. In order to test for statistical significance of the differences in downside performance risk measures between pairs of portfolio insurance strategies, we use a bootstrap-based hypothesis test. Our comparison of different strategies considers the following distinguishing characteristics: static versus dynamic; initial wealth versus cumulated wealth protection; model-based versus model-free;and strong floor compliance versus probabilistic floor compliance. Our results show that the classical portfolio insurance strategies synthetic put and CPPI provide superior downside protection compared to a simple stop-loss trading rule, also resulting in significantly higher Omega ratios. Analyzing more recently developed strategies, neither the TIPP strategy (as an ‘improved’ CPPI strategy) nor the dynamic VaR-strategy provide significant improvements over the more traditional portfolio insurance strategies. The attractiveness of the dynamic VaR-strategy strongly depends on the quality of the estimates for the required input parameters, in particular, the equity risk premium. However, if an investor possesses superior forecasting skills, other active (market timing) strategies may exist which generate higher (risk-adjusted) returns compared to a protected passive stock market investment.




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